What You Need To Know About Lottery Messenger Services

To play international lottery, you may ask your relatives who live in that country to buy your tickets and cash in your winnings. In case you do not have any foreign relatives to ask or simply want to ensure your property rights, a third independent agency known as lottery messenger service is a perfect choice.

History of lottery messenger services

Lottery messenger service has been popular in many developed countries since the early 21st century. Many people usually play US lottery (like Powerball and Mega Millions) or Europe lottery (like Euro Millions or Super Enalotto) through TheLotter, a most popular lotto messenger service in the world.

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How does lottery messenger service work?

Lottery messenger service act as an independent, third-party service. They will take your order in their site and then use your payment to buy the official tickets on your behalf. You then will see a scan of your ticket before the draw in your secure, online account. The original ticket is stored in a vault to ensure it doesn’t go missing or get damaged.

How can I be sure I will receive my winnings?

You don’t have to worry about this when playing on TheLotter. Up to now, they has paid out over $55 million in prizes to more than 2.5 million worldwide winners.

Their collection and transfer service will collect your Prize from the Lottery Operator on your behalf and transfer it to your Account. Big prize winners are offered many choices to collect their winnings personally at the related Lottery Operator. Their Terms of Use establish you as the rightful owner of the ticket, and holds no legal claim to your tickets or your wins. TheLotter provides you with three proof of your ticket owning:

  1. First is a confirmation email at the time of ticket purchase.
  2. Second is details about your transaction, which you will be able to view in your online account.
  3. Final is a scanned copy of your ticket, which is a proof of ticket ownership.

These three items form a legal basis that prove you the rightful owner of the ticket !

How do I receive my money if I win?

For a prize of less than $ 2,500 USD, TheLotter will receive your winning on your behalf from the Lottery Operator then transfer it directly into your online account. After that, you can choose whether to withdraw your money into your selected payment method, or to leave some or all of the winnings in your online account for further ticket purchases.

For a prize that greater than or equal to $ 2500 USD, you can personally collect it or have it transferred into your bank account.

For jackpot, you will personally collect the Prize directly from the related Lottery Operator with the help of their representative. They will pay you a reasonable and justified travel expenses.

In case of winning a very big prize, you should hire yourself a good foreign language assistant along with a good lawyer in your country before leaving for the prize! You can also contact us for advice at usalotter@gmail.com.

How do lottery messenger services make money?

Lottery messenger services like TheLotter get income from charging a once-off service fee for each purchase. The difference amount between the fee and the ticket price is used to pay for staff salaries, maintaining and developing their websites.

When you make your purchase, you will be able to see the total price that is charged for that specific transaction. There is no commission charged on any winnings. The ticket price is clearly displayed on the ticket purchase screen. The total net amount of what you win through their site is all yours.

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Do you know ?

You can just stay at home and buy world top lottery tickets (like PowerBall, MegaMillion, EuroMillions, Australia Saturday lotto,..) online easily and quickly from top lotto messenger services. Go to How to buy international lottery tickets for more information.