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Have you have ever wondered: “do you have to be a US citizen to win the lottery?” or “can foreigners play Powerball?” or even “can a tourist win the lottery in the US?” We say “YES, YOU CAN!” As the official Powerball websites state “If you legally purchase a Powerball ticket, you can play the game and you can collect prizes. You do not have to be a citizen or a resident to play the game.

It’s truth!!! Nowadays, Players from all over the world can win the biggest American lottery jackpots through Lottery ticket messenger services, of which theLotter is the oldest and most established, buy official Mega Millions or Powerball tickets on behalf of their customers.

3 Simple Steps To Buy Real Mega Millions or Powerball Tickets Online From Worldwide (Outside The U.S)

Step 1: Register your own account the theLotter to buy real Mega Millions tickets by clicking here. You will get a Register Form like this:

Next, you need enter your email address, password and choose your Country and click SIGN UP to complete. We recommend using theLotter for the reasons mentioned above and because there are two lottery jackpot winners by buying lottery tickets on their website. You can read more information here.

Step 2: Choose your favorite lottery.

There is a list of lotteries with the jackpot varying from millions to hundreds of dollars displayed at the top of the page, you also can get your favorite lottery by visit theLotter’s Lottery Prize List:Lottery List

Feeling interesting with the highest jackpot? Press “PLAY NOW” on your favorite lottery prize to start playing the lottery you want.

Step 3: Play with your own real tickets and win.

After successfully buying your tickets on theLotter, you will get a scan of your ticket before the draw in your 100% secure, online account like this:

mega millions scanned ticket

Finally, what you need to do now is to wait for your luck. In case you win, an automatic winning confirmation email will be sent to your private email. You can also track the latest results on our website by clicking “Mega Millions lottery results” or via theLotter’s Lottery Results page.

Want more detailed tutorial steps? Just following our guide articles below:

Some Common Questions and Answers When You Buy Real Lottery Tickets Online Outside The U.S

In the section below, we will list the most common questions followed by answers. Read it if you still have questions about the Lottery ticket messenger services.

How “Lottery ticket messenger services” works ?

After the tickets are purchased, the courier service as theLotter will scan them and then uploads them to an encrypted online account, which can only be accessed by the player.

Secondary prizes are credited to players’ accounts shortly after they have been received from the lottery operator. If the player wins a big prize, he or she may need to fly to the US to personally collect it.

When you win a huge American lottery jackpot, ordering your flights and checking that your passport/visa is up-to-date are just bureaucratic necessities on your way to lottery riches!

Where can I see the lottery tickets purchased for me?

Use their See Your Ticket Service to view a scanned copy of the ticket purchased on your behalf. The scanned ticket guarantees your exclusive ownership of the ticket and ensures that nobody but you will be able to claim the prize. To see the scan of your ticket, visit theLotter’s My Account and click on the relevant row to view the scan on the right side of the screen.

How will I find out when I win a lottery prize?

When you win, theLotter will notify you of your prize via automated email. Your account will be credited with your winnings automatically.

You can also view your win and the corresponding draw details at any time in the Wins section of your online account. You can even subscribe to theLotter’s free SMS win alerts and receive win notifications directly to your cellphone. In the case of a big win, their dedicated 24/7 customer support team will contact you immediately.

How can I be sure I’ll receive my winnings?

theLotter is obligated to provide you with the service you pay for, which means that you have a claim to any lottery prizes that you win. theLotter provides you with a proof-of-purchase in the form of a scanned copy of your ticket, which you will be able to view in your online account. As another proof of ticket ownership, you will also receive a confirmation email at the time of ticket purchase, detailing your transaction. theLotter’s obligation to pay out all winnings in full is detailed in writing in theLotter’s Terms of Use.

These three items – the scanned copy of the ticket, the confirmation email and the Terms of Use establish you as the rightful owner of the ticket, and guarantee your claim to the ticket and any prize it may win. Aside from operating as a courier on your behalf, theLotter holds no legal claim to your tickets or your wins.

As a respected and reputable ticket messenger service, theLotter has a proven track record of paying out lottery prizes big and small to millions of winners from all over the world.

How do I receive my money if I win?

All prizes won through theLotter are commission-free, which means that you will receive 100% of your win.

Secondary prizes will be transferred to your account after receipt of the prize from the official lottery operator. Some lotteries have different prize collection procedures. In these cases, their Customer Service will guide you through the collection process until you receive your winnings. You may use your winnings for future participation in lottery draws or withdraw all, or part of the winnings with your designated payment method.

Jackpot winners will be required to collect the prize locally. theLotter may choose to fly you to collect your prize in person. Their local office representative will hand you your winning ticket and provide you with a detailed explanation how to collect your win from the official lottery’s office.

We wish you luck and don’t forget to share this article to your friend if you find it useful.



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