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Charles W. Jackson Jr – a 66-year-old Cumberland County’s resident is the owner of the Powerball jackpot in the draw on June 1, 2019. The huge jackpot of this lucky man is $344.6 million.

Charles W. Jackson Jr. said that he bought Powerball and Mega Millions tickets with the same numbers for over two years. These numbers were printed on the biscuit box that Jackson’s niece bought when his whole family had lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant a few years ago. The group of numbers 06 – 15 – 34 – 45 – 52 (on the white balls) and 08 (on the red ball) brought the jackpot to Jackson.The $344.6 million jackpot that Jackson won was the largest jackpot that Carolina had ever won.

Jackson said that he didn’t pay attention to the ticket. He thought that he could only win 4/5 numbers on white balls and get $50,000. He called his wife and said that he need to go to Raleigh. After hanging up, Jackson realized that he received a big prize that was more than $50,000.

Jackson has officially received awards at the Powerball lottery headquarter. He chooses to receive cash immediately instead of receiving his prize annually. The value of cash prize is $223.3 million. Jackson received a total of $158 million after deducting taxes.

Jackson told that he will donate to St. Jude Hospital, the Wounded Warriors Project and the Shriners. He also gave his brother $1 million and planned to visit Vietnam – his wife’s hometown. He used to go to Vietnam many times before.

After finding the jackpot owner, Powerball lottery continues with the current jackpot $53 million. Mega Millions  jackpot is at a desirable level with $530 million. The two most attractive lotteries on the planet are not only for US residents but also attract global citizens with the help of TheLotter or LottoAgent as reliable vendors.

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