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10 players brought home at least €109,895, but there was no winner of the €160 million EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot for the drawing held on Friday, June 14.

That means the drawing on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 will be worth €174 million.

  • The EuroMillions Numbers for Friday, June 14, 2024: 2 – 13 – 16 – 24 – 32
  • The Lucky Stars: 1 and 7

There was no overall winner in Friday night’s EuroMillions Superdraw drawing, however there was 10 Match 5 + 1 winners of €109,895.30 in Friday night’s EuroMillions Superdraw drawing.

19 tickets matched five numbers without star for the €13,518.07 third prize.

More than 3,168,400 tickets won cash prizes totaling €18.67 million in Friday’s drawing.

These are the prize payouts for all countries that play EuroMillions Superdraw combined, along with the prize values for each prize tier on Fri, Jun 14, 2024:

Numbers Matched Prize Per Winner Total Winners Locations
5 + 2
5 + 1
10 UK(3), France, Spain, Portugal, Austria(2),
19 UK(3), France(3), Spain(3), Portugal(3), Belgium(2), Austria(3),
4 + 2
88 UK(22), France(28), Spain(14), Portugal(9), Belgium(4), Austria(3),
4 + 1
1,604 UK(373), France(426), Spain(300), Ireland(26), Portugal(117), Belgium(150), Austria(67),
3 + 2
3,325 UK(823), France(952), Spain(597), Ireland(61), Portugal(238), Belgium(290), Austria(140),
3,742 UK(951), France(979), Spain(618), Ireland(74), Portugal(258), Belgium(383), Austria(165),
2 + 2
42,911 UK(11289), France(11918), Spain(7674), Ireland(903), Portugal(2999), Belgium(3675), Austria(2133),
3 + 1
64,389 UK(16979), France(16815), Spain(11811), Ireland(1334), Portugal(4794), Belgium(5450), Austria(2923),
142,255 UK(38482), France(35845), Spain(24451), Ireland(2869), Portugal(10762), Belgium(12916), Austria(6770),
1 + 2
214,237 UK(56560), France(59801), Spain(37499), Ireland(4688), Portugal(15292), Belgium(18041), Austria(10787),
2 + 1
848,501 UK(229851), France(219383), Spain(153012), Ireland(17746), Portugal(63802), Belgium(72057), Austria(40436),
1,847,351 UK(520586), France(457360), Spain(317430), Ireland(40803), Portugal(138901), Belgium(162524), Austria(92903),
Totals 3,168,432 UK(875922), France(1759575), Spain(553410), Ireland(68504), Portugal(237176), Belgium(275492), Austria(156332) and Luxembourg/Switzerland(0)

EuroMillions Superdraws usually take place four times a year and they are organised when there is enough money in the Reserve Fund for this kind of draw to be held. The starting jackpot is approximately €130 million or more and it rolls over until it is won, all the way up to €250 million.

In case the jackpot reaches €250 million and it is not won after four consecutive draws, a Must Be Won draw will take place. The full amount will be split between the winners in the next tier. 

Could you be the next EuroMillions Super Jackpot winner? Mark the date of the next Superdraw on your calendar and start thinking about the numbers you’ll pick for your entry (or entries). Some people choose a favourite set of numbers which has birthdays or anniversaries while others prefer to generate a random selection. You could also explore the EuroMillions statistics and see if this insightful data could help you develop a winning strategy.

Whichever method you choose to enter EuroMillions, don’t forget to check the results right after the draws take place on Tuesday and Friday nights.

The prize for the next EuroMillions Superdraw lottery drawing on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, is rolling up to €174,000,000. Who will be the next lucky one?

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