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Mega Millions is one of the World’s Biggest Lotteries. Everything about this lottery is massive – the prizes, the fan base, the excitement – and it certainly does live up to the hype! With millions of dollars in jackpots every single draw, people from all over the world want to play. You can also play Mega Millions from India, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, UK, Australia, Asia, China, Russian, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore or anywhere from outside US. In this article, I will show you How to buy real Mega Millions tickets online from your home easy and 100% legally!

It’s never been easier to get your hands on a Mega Millions lottery ticket! Not only that you don’t need to travel to the US to play the game, but you can buy tickets on your phone, tablet, or computer. Thanks to lottery concierge service providers like theLotteryou can get Mega Millions tickets online in anywhere outside US in just a few easy steps. Simply register, pick your lottery numbers – or auto select them – and buy your Mega Millions lottery tickets.

Step 1. Go to Mega Millions page on theLotter by clicking here or click on the below banner:

Step 2. Pick your lottery numbers – or auto select them and click “PLAY“:

how to buy mega millions tickets online

Step 3:  Create your new  account on theLotter:

First, choose “Create a FREE Account“:

Next enter your Email, Password, Confirm your Password, Country and click on “SIGN UP“:

Finaly, enter your Personal Details and click “NEXT” to go to Step 4.

Step 4: Enter your payment method:

First, you will choose your favorite Payment Method (Example: Visa Debit card):

Next, enter your Payment Details and click “SUBMIT” button:

Step 5: Review your order and Confirm.

After you click on “CONFIRM“, if you get alert:

Then I want to tell you that You have successfully purchased real Mega Millions tickets online on theLotter! It’s great! 😉

And when you have received an email with Title “Your Scanned Ticket Has Been Uploaded To Your Account” then you can go to “My Account” menu and download your Scanned Ticket file to your computer or your smartphone. Here is my Scanned Ticket:

It’s that easy to play this fantastic US lottery game from India, South Africa, Nigeria, UK, Australia, Asia, China, Russian, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore or anywhere from outside US. The US Mega Millions lotto is one of the most rewarding lottery games in the world and with such a massive payday, there’s plenty of potential to win a life-changing jackpot. The Mega Millions lottery is SA’s favourite lottery game – click to get started!

Want to walk in their footsteps? Nothing could be easier! Get your US Mega Millions online today so that you can stand a chance in the next draw of the US lottery giant!



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