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Mega Millions results on July 10,2018 have found two lucky people to become millionaires, but have not found the lucky ticket to hit Jackpot with the winning numbers is 28-56-70-01-17 and the yellow Mega Ball lucky number is 14.

Specifically, according to information from lottery company Mega Millions has recorded two winners of the First Prize when the ticket contains the first 5 pairs of white numbers coincide with the lottery results and received the award each prize worth$1 million.There are also 44 other winners hit by second prize, including five who receive $30,000 each prize, thanks to the addition of the Lucky Star option – Megaplier.

The prize for the next Mega Millions lottery drawing result on Friday, July 13, 2018 is rolling up to $ 340 million. It is worth for finding your luck now. If you are now outside the USA, don’t worry!!! You can easily play Mega Millions Jackpot online by click here.

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