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After the jackpot winner has not appeared in the previous drawing, Oz Lotto Australia Lottery keeps rolling. The next jackpot will be AU$ 20,000,000.

The results of the drawing No. 1533 on July 04, 2023:

  • Regular numbers: 3 – 12 – 20 – 21 – 29 – 36 – 40
  • Supplementary: 1 – 5 – 6 

In this drawing, a player won AU$ 231,090.05 with all six matching regular numbers plus a Supplementary.

Besides, 60 players got AU$ 4,551.75 prizes for each with matching 6/6 regular numbers.

And there are many smaller prizes as the information in the table below.

Oz Lotto Winners by StateOz Lotto drawings take place every Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm AEST (8:30 pm AEDT) from approximately 9:30 am GMT.

For 28+ years, Oz Lotto brings big Aussie fun every Tuesday with a minimum $3 million Division 1 prize pool. Jackpots to the next draw if no Division 1 winner. Record jackpot: $100 Million.

Tuesday night marks the draw of 10 random balls from a set of 47, numbered 1 to 47. The first seven balls represent the “winning numbers,” while the last three are the “supplementary numbers”.

Oz Lotto has 7 prize divisions. To win Division 1, match all 7 winning numbers. With as little as 3 winning numbers and 1 supplementary number, you can still win a prize.

The presence of regulations that permit foreigners to purchase lottery tickets and claim prizes has made Oz Lotto a popular choice among players worldwide. This has led to an increase in ticket purchases and a rise in individuals trying their luck through Lottery Messenger Service Sites such as TheLotter.


Now, the Oz Lotto jackpot stands at AU$ 20,000,000. It will roll on Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

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