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At $361 million the current Powerball jackpot is climbing expeditiously like Jack and the beanstalk. The current $361 million jackpot is the tenth largest in Powerball history (the ninth being only $2 million away at $363 million). If the jackpot isn’t hit this Wednesday, it will surely become the ninth largest jackpot in Powerball history. It is also currently the 17th largest jackpot in US lottery history.


Powerball Millionaires are Made Every Draw

Besides the huge, meaty jackpots the cool thing about Powerball is that it produces millionaires with almost every draw. The secondary prize (for matching five regular numbers known as Match 5) is worth $1 million and if the player is lucky enough to choose the Power Play, the prize can be multiplied up to five times! So, if you match five regular numbers, play the Power Play, and the Power Play is 5, you win $5 million. That’s not bad. That gives players a lot of incentive to play, even without having a huge jackpot.

Powerball Winners Everywhere

The most recent drawing (Saturday, 16 July) created four new millionaires. Three Match 5 winners (from Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) each won $1 million and one Match 5 winner with the Power Play option of 2 from Iowa won $2 million. The total number of winners was 1,163,372 and Powerball gave away to them $12,282,140 in non-jackpot prize money. That’s an amazing amount of winners and an amazing amount of prize money.

The Powerball Jackpot is the Most Coveted Prize

Second and third prize winnings are awesome, but everyone is out for the coveted jackpot prize which is now $361. When the jackpots get that high, it usually creates a lottery fever and people buy more tickets. When people buy more tickets the jackpot often jumps before the next draw. In other words, the $361 million could get higher before the next drawing on Wednesday, 20 July due to increased ticket sales. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this one, but it is big and creates a lot of excitement. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets right here online  for your chance at hitting the $361 million Powerball jackpot.



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