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Five players brought home at least €99,867, but there was no winner of the €39 million Euro Millions jackpot for the drawing held on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

That means the drawing on Friday, March 29, 2024 will be worth €51 million.

  • The EuroMillions Numbers for Tuesday, March 26: 2 – 13 – 14 – 26 – 29
  • The Lucky Stars: 5 and 6


There was no overall winner in Tuesday night’s EuroMillions drawing, however there was 5 Match 5 + 1 winners (2 UK, 1 France, 1 Spain, 1 Portugal) of €99,867.47 in Tuesday night’s EuroMillions drawing.

5 tickets matched five numbers without star for the €23,340.67 third prizes.

The total prize money for the awards reaches over €8.03 million.

These are the prize payouts for all countries that play EuroMillions combined, along with the prize values for each prize tier on Tue, Mar 26, 2024:

Numbers Matched Prize Per Winner Total Winners Locations
5 + 2
5 + 1
5 UK(2), France, Spain and Portugal
5 UK(2), France(2) and Luxembourg/Switzerland
4 + 2
38 UK(13), France(9), Spain(6), Portugal(4), Belgium(3), Austria, Luxembourg/Switzerland(2)
4 + 1
843 UK(224), France(214), Spain(190), Ireland(16), Portugal(63), Belgium(48), Austria(27), Luxembourg/Switzerland(61)
3 + 2
1,400 UK(353), France(305), Spain(335), Ireland(40), Portugal(145), Belgium(70), Austria(53), Luxembourg/Switzerland(99)
1,676 UK(448), France(358), Spain(367), Ireland(41), Portugal(128), Belgium(125), Austria(66), Luxembourg/Switzerland(143)
2 + 2
19,001 UK(5149), France(3875), Spain(4321), Ireland(424), Portugal(1813), Belgium(1147), Austria(814), Luxembourg/Switzerland(1458)
3 + 1
33,176 UK(8592), France(7709), Spain(7177), Ireland(693), Portugal(3049), Belgium(2090), Austria(1386), Luxembourg/Switzerland(2480)
65,640 UK(18031), France(15224), Spain(13766), Ireland(1494), Portugal(5417), Belgium(4218), Austria(2891), Luxembourg/Switzerland(4599)
1 + 2
93,205 UK(25012), France(18842), Spain(20840), Ireland(2188), Portugal(8458), Belgium(5965), Austria(4772), Luxembourg/Switzerland(7128)
2 + 1
427,543 UK(111149), France(96715), Spain(92034), Ireland(8967), Portugal(40882), Belgium(26162), Austria(19388), Luxembourg/Switzerland(32246)
850,599 UK(236750), France(190556), Spain(176634), Ireland(20342), Portugal(70869), Belgium(54359), Austria(41222), Luxembourg/Switzerland(59867)
Totals 1,493,131 UK(405725), France(718512), Spain(315671), Ireland(34205), Portugal(130829), Belgium(94187), Austria(70620) and Luxembourg/Switzerland(108084)

EuroMillions, launched in 2004, enjoys participation from several European nations, including Belgium, France, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. The lottery aims to create new millionaires across Europe with its draws taking place every Tuesday and Friday.

With regulations allowing both foreigners to buy lottery tickets and win prizes, the EuroMillions lottery attracts many players worldwide to buy tickets and try their luck through Lottery Messenger Service Sites like TheLotter

To play EuroMillions, players select five numbers from a guess range of 1-50 and two additional numbers, called ‘Lucky Stars’, from a guess range of 1-12. To win the EuroMillions top prize, players must successfully match all five numbers drawn from the main drum and both Lucky Stars.

The odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot are 1 in 139,838,160. Details of the winner(s) are not disclosed.

The prize for the next EuroMillions lottery drawing on Friday, March 29, 2024, is rolling up to €51,000,000. Who will be the next lucky one?

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