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Mega Millions Jackpot Lottery attracts not only Americans but also others who live outside the US along with the Powerball. Mega Millions prizes worth hundreds of millions of dollars so you know why it is attractive. will provide all useful information that you need to know about Mega Millions in this article. There are seven sections: Mega Millions history, rules of this game, value of Mega Millions prizes, special rights, how to play and where to see the result. Come on, let’s find out!

1. Mega Millions History

Launched on August 31, 1996, Big Game was the first name of the famous Mega Millions lottery in America. Big Game’s first drawing was held on September 6, 1996 with responses from US citizens living in six states: Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Virginia.

In May 2002, Big Game was renamed “Mega Millions“. In September 2002, Mega Millions expanded to Washington, then Texas in December 2003. In June 2005, California became the 12th member. Mega Millions made some changes on the rules, prizes and became the most popular jackpot lottery in the United States.

2. Mega Millions Rules

With each ticket, you can choose 6 numbers from two separate groups. There are 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 70 (white Mega Millions balls) and 1 to 25 (yellow ball) or you can choose Easy Pick / Quick Pick. You will win the jackpot if the ticket you own matches all 6 numbers in the drawing (5 numbers on the white balls and 1 number on the yellow ball).

3. Value of Mega Millions prizes

Mega Millions jackpots started at $40 million and plus at least $5 million per drawing. There are 9 prize levels in each Mega Millions drawing. Accordingly, depending on the number you matched you will receive the adequate prize. You can see the information in the table below:


5 + 1: jackpot – meaning all 5 numbers on the white balls and the number on the yellow ball.

5 + 0: second prize – meaning 5 numbers on the white balls and wrong number on the yellow ball.

* In California, all prizes are pari-mutuel. It means payments for winners in this state will be based on ticket sales for that session and the number of winners. All lucky tickets purchased elsewhere in California will receive prize as the predetermined prize.

With its multi-year history, Mega Millions owns grand prizes that has been awarded to lucky players. Including $1.6 billion which was awarded in October 2018. You can read this article to learn more about The top 10 largest Mega Millions jackpots won.

Impact of Covid-19 on the Mega Millions

In 2020, due to the impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament organizers reduced the starting Jackpot value to $ 20 million.

4. How to collect Mega Millions winnings if you win?

You have 2 choices to receive your prize if you are the winner of the jackpot.

Option 1: Annual payment

In this option, Mega Millions will pay the jackpot winners an instant payout, followed by 29 payouts each year. Each payment is 5% higher than last time. This annual payment method will help the winners to protect the prize from overspending or inflation and gradually receive enough money after 30 years.

Ex: You win $100 million, the instant payout will be around $1.5 million and future payments will increase to about $6.2 million each year.

Option 2: Cash immediately

Mega Millions will pay you in exactly amount of cash. This amount is less than the prize value if you choose to pay by annual payment.

5. Multiply X times the prize value with Megaplier

Megaplier feature allows players to multiply 2,3,4 or 5 times the prize value, but not for jackpot. When you buy lottery tickets, you will need to pay more to select this feature for each ticket.

Prior to each Mega Millions rewards session on Tuesday and Friday, Megaplier will be picked up from a tank of 15 balls, 5 marked with 2X, 6 with 3X, 3 with 4X and 1 with 5X. This combination leads to Megaplier’s multiplier selection as you see in this table:

6. How to play Mega Millions lottery outside the America

The Mega Millions Lottery does not only allow players who live in the United States but also citizens who live in other countries can participate this game. As long as lotteries are valid. Normally, Mega Millions players who are not living in the US will buy lottery tickets through online lottery sites.

If you are living outside the US, please refer to “How to Play Mega Millions and Powerball Online and Outside of the US ?” to catch your lucky chance.

7. Where do you see Mega Millions Lottery Results?

Each Mega Millions drawing will be held at 11 p.m on Tuesday and Friday in the US. You can update Mega Millions Lottery Results at

Fortune can come to anyone. With Mega Millions tickets, may be the next lucky man is you.

Buy Mega Millions ticket online

Please read more at HOW TO PLAY US MEGA MILLIONS FROM OUTSIDE THE US to be introduced step by step and avoid risks when you buy Mega Millions tickets online.



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