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If you have problem buying lotteries on TheLotter, you will find LottoAgent a good choice. With LottoAgent, you can use Visa Debit as a payment method. Moreover, LottoAgent allows you to select numbers for only one line of the ticket so that you can try your luck within a small amount of money!

LottoAgent is operated by Agento Ltd and located at 9 Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize. The company startup arose in 2012. Despite not being as famous as TheLotter, it meet with our critical criteria such as: providing a scanned copy of your ticket, good support, cheap price and offering many lotteries for us to choo. LottoAgent’s most special feature is that each of its line of selected numbers is equal to one bet, which means you can try your luck with less money!

How to safely sign up for a Lotto Agent account ?

Now, let’s follow our steps below to sign up for a Lotto Agent account without facing any problem using its feature:

Step 1: Go to Lotto Agent by clicking here:

Go to Lotto Agent

Step 2: Register by clicking REGISTER button.

A form will appear like below:

Here, fill in your full name, your email and your password used to sign in in the future. (You can copy the text from outside and paste it to the form)

Note: don’t sign in by facebook account unless you want to lose your email in the future!

After finishing filling in the form, press REGISTER. A “Welcome” notification will appear like this:

Click “OK” and you will see a note at the top of the page like below:

Now, let’s move to step 3 – confirm your email.

Step 3: Confirm your email.

After finishing step 2, you will receive an email that titled “Please confirm the email address” like this:

To finish confirming your email, press “Confirm email” and a notification will appear like below:

Now you have successfully register for an Lotto Agent account and start to buy yourself your favorite lotteries!



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