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From the EuroMillions Superdraw to US Powerball’s billion-dollar jackpot, it seems like lotteries are the new superheroes. Winning a lottery jackpot would certainly be as life-changing as getting saved by Superman — and with the millions you win, you could buy your own Batmobile. If there were a Superhero lottery universe, which well-known superhero would each lottery represent?

Superman – US Powerball

Tynesoft-Superman-cover-BBC-ElectronSuperman is America’s classic superhero and US Powerball is America’s classic multi-state lottery game! Since its first draw in 1992, Powerball has been doing great things for the citizens of the United States, just like good ol’ Superman. Lottery revenues have funded education and arts projects, along with other projects benefiting communities around America. You could say that playing the game is a bit like fighting for truth, justice, and the American way! Perhaps US Powerball is even more powerful than Superman, because kryptonite can’t touch this game. Powerball smashed all records as it flew like a bird, a plane, no a super lottery and hit $1.58 BILLION on 13 January 2016. Super-sized jackpots for a super-sized hero!

Captain America – Mega Millions

Avengers_(1964)_March_poster_4Born to an immigrant family in 1920s New York, Steven Rogers transforms from humble beginnings to a super soldier defending his nation. President Franklin D. Roosevelt even presents Captain America with his trademark shield. Mega Millions is equally as patriotic and beloved by the American public and beyond; for decades, millions of lottery fans across the States and globe have been dreaming of and admiring its huge jackpots and strong secondary prizes. With the world’s second largest lottery jackpot on record — $656 million — Mega Millions deserves to be named the Captain America of lotteries.

Batman – New York Lotto

batcover24Gotham City’s ultimate crime-fighter is our choice for Gotham’s official state lottery. New York was the second US state to establish a modern lottery association when it began in 1967. Batman is America’s second oldest superhero, debuting in May 1939; Superman is the first with an appearance in 1938. Batman is sleeker, more sophisticated, and far edgier than Superman. He embodies the spirit and sass of New Yorkers and their hometown New York Lotto is one sleek lottery to play. With a jackpot record of $65 million set in 2007, New York Lotto is not to be underestimated!

Thor – EuroJackpot

Thor-272Thor is the son of Odin, a Norse god. Odin wipes Thor’s memories of being a god in order to teach him a lesson in humility; Thor is transformed into a medical student named Donald Blake. He goes on holiday to Norway where several odd things happen, including an alien encounter. He runs from the aliens into a cave and finds a walking stick that is actually the Hammer of Thor. He strikes the stick against the cave and transforms back into Thor. EuroJackpot is the baby of European lotteries, founded in 2012, but it has risen dramatically to become a powerhouse. EuroJackpot got out its godlike hammer and reached its jackpot cap of €90 million for the first time in its history! Keep your eyes on this youthful lottery — it has many exciting things in its future!

Wolverine – Canada Lotto 6/49

Wolverine_(vol._1)_1Wolverine is one of Canada’s first superheroes, so of course Canada Lotto 6/49 is going to have to get its claws out! Wolverine’s (aka Logan) first super gig is with the Canadian government, but he soon becomes disillusioned and joins the X-Men. Wolverine is a force to be reckoned with just like Canada Lotto 6/49. It’s a lottery with super-strength — seven prize divisions, one guaranteed CAD$1 million raffle winner with every draw, and no jackpot or rollover cap!

Of course with jackpots worth millions, playing the lottery is a super fun and exciting activity even without superpowers or a cool cape (though if you have a cool cape, by all means wear it while you pick your favorite numbers!). Keep playing with theLotter and may super luck be with you!

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